International Student

Becoming an international student has never been so easy. High school students or university students can learn the International University Outreach program without affecting current studies.

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International citizens

EAS International Higher Human Resource Management G23.0 program improves your global potentials and mindset to integrate into multicultural environment.

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Study Aboad In-Country

EAS Vietnam's training programs are compatible with all the highest academic standards of European, American and Australian Universities. EAS Vietnam has created a management ecosystem and capacity for learners with the global EAS IHHRM G23.0 standard. IUO can be considered as a "Study abroad" program, but the cost and time are only 30% of that of conventional university training. Sign up to study for the "goal" of life, not because someone "tells" you to choose.


International training programs of EAS Vietnam open on the 15th of March, June, September and December every year (except for training programs on request).

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Mode of delivery

A. Face to face training

B. Realtime Online training

10 Things that make you choose EAS Vietnam to succeed


1. At EAS Vietnam, whether you are a Vietnamese citizen or a foreign citizen, you are managed by a world-class academic and quality management system equivalent to an International University in Vietnam.

2. The programs here are considered as a form of "on-the-spot study" and at a cost of only 30% compared to training programs at other institutions in Vietnam and international to create human resources. force with "the physique of a model, the health of an Olympic athlete, the intellect of a scholar, the ability to speak like a theorist, behave like a psychologist".

3. Senior and professional management training environment like "West Point Vietnam University" will give you experience with opportunity to integrate national credit subjects. It is effective from the very beginning, no matter what your starting point is.

4. The training time at EAS Vietnam (25% theory, 75% practice) will return real capacity to learners. Besides, the time is only 1/3 of the training time of other international institutions while the amount of knowledge is more and more effective.

5. With 10 specialized faculties providing more than 154 training programs all the hottest majors in the world from sales to international senior management (CEO), or international HRM level with Global EAS IHHRM G23. 0 standard.

6. You will get acquainted with the business environment from the beginning to help form the international-class professional attitude, skills and office style. Especially with the program of Management Special Forces, you will be trained the will and behavior of the leader, even if your staff will also be different and classy.

7. Global Mentoring system helps learners take full initiative in class time to minimize risks arising, improve adaptability and survive in a multicultural environment.

8. Top experts who graduated from prestigious schools of France, Germany, Australia directly teach with Case-study form for the first time in Vietnam will help you like a tiger. startup, lifelong strategy consulting.

9. Practical learning content, ensuring requirements and capacity of each individual. No more boring subjects of useless theory, no more theoretical tests or assessments for a global citizen in the near future closer to the international IHRA G23.0 and IHHRM G23.0 human resources standards bridge.

10. Alumi system and financial support up to 95% will be an advantage for you to be welcomed when recruiting and as a candidate always sought by recruiters.


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sinh vien quoc te

In EAS Vietnam, we always try to design and introduce the best modules and courses. We share all information on website. We change and innovate our methodology and academic systems with up-date methods. Our International courses meet all criteria of job needs. We have courses available for both individuals and organizations with competitive cost. For further information, please visit our website or contact us directly by: (+84)24 6656 9157.