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International Financial Administrator (ICA)
VBFA 56752

International Financial Administrator (ICA)

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"International Financial Administrator (ICA)" major program is designed to remove the gap between Vietnam human resource and International human resource, which is taught in English or Vietnamese basing on needs and capabilities of the students.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 and EAS Vietnam set new wider trend in the quality of Leadership Human Resource following Global EAS IHHRM G23.0 Standard.

ICA - IUO EAS Vietnam is your first choice for your future International Financial Administrator G23.0.

Be a wise
International Financial Administrator G23.0 in line with your own expectations by your Attitude - Aspiration - Action - Strategy from today.

Direct admission to International University Outreach IUO EAS Vietnam (all majors) allows Vietnamese student in 04 groups:

(1) Soon-to-be high school graduates
(2) Students of universities, colleges and intermediate schools, regardless of major.
(3) Working people, people with university degree, junior college diploma or intermediate college diploma are not older than 40 years old by the date of admission.
(4) For learners with only a lower secondary school diploma, they must have at least 4 years of work experience and be no more than 45 years old by the date of admission


Total training period for each level of study (according to the international qualification framework system of Europe or the US):

a. International University Outreach (IUO) - Elite Study Program: 120 - 150 credits

b. High-quality International University: 300 credits


Students choose the form of education and training, basing on their individual goals and conditions. EAS Vietnam is committed to quality of forms.

A. Face to Face learning (live interaction in class).

B. Learn in direct form through the most modern Realtime Online electronic lecture hall in Asia.

Besides the popular general content (30%), due to the copyright and license, and to avoid piracy and development strategy of student, the education and training program content is presented directly to the student only. EAS Vietnam does not publish this content (70%).

To provide Vietnamese citizens with enough Thinking, Behavior and  to become a International Financial Administrator G23.0 of Global EAS IHHRM G23.0 Standard.

1. General knowledge (exclusive learning content only available at EAS Vietnam)

2. Background knowledge (exclusive learning content available only at EAS Vietnam)

3. Specialized knowledge (exclusive learning content available only at EAS Vietnam)

4. Internship and work experience (exclusive content only available at EAS Vietnam)

In order to complete the training program at EAS Vietnam, students need to meet the academic standards of Global EAS IHHRM G23.0 Standard on course essays and practical graduation projects to ensure that they are fully qualified to become a real International Financial Administrator G23.0 facing fiercely competitive environment.

IUO - EAS Vietnam program is committed to provide future International Financial Administrator standardized competencies, knowledge, skills, expertise basing on Global EAS IHHRM G23.0 Standard, meet the requirements of 10 job positions as below:

1. Head of Financial Department
2. Project Director/Manager
3. International Startup
4. Financial specialist
5. Investment specialist
6. General Affairs specialist
7. Administrative Accountant
8. Debt management
9. CEO/Director of SME/SMB
10. Consulting specialist


  • Course name:

    International Financial Administrator (ICA)

    Course code:

    VBFA 56752


    15th Monthly


    150 - 300 credits


    Modules registration by personal schedule


    780.000 vnd/credit


    90% sholarship
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(+84) 24 6656 9157

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