First year Model

Plans for life

These are things to do when setting yourself a goal:

  • Clarify your motivation.
  • Know what your attitude to your target is.
  • Know what is needed, what is decisive.
  • Make 1-year, 5-year and 10-year plans, then learn from mistakes.
thu vien
thu vien


Your goal should be determined to integrate into the administration environment in addition to the Mentor's help. There are certain requirements at EAS Vietnam that must be met.

Your goal: This is what needed for learners to study at EAS Vietnam, though it is ignored by other educational institutions.

Earnest learning attitude and motivation: Not every student notices about this but it has a great effect on your future career.

Academic or career requirements: Training institutions often ignore these significant requirements for commercial reasons.

Implement training regulations: Most Vietnamese trainees often show the weakest in compliance and self-branding.


EAS Vietnam is the first institution to initiate commercial and professional internship activities. Trainees experience a professional environment and real labor discipline to gain competencies under real circumstances.

Experts will help interns responsibly, enthusiastically and academically. Besides, EAS Vietnam offers interns benefits that not all enterprises can satisfy.

The values that no one can give you but us.

thu vien
thu vien

Graduation plan

A graduation plan is your determination to excellently complete the academic requirements. Learners should head towards their goals and attempt to improve themselves.

In EAS Vietnam, we always try to design and introduce the best modules and courses. We share all information on website. We change and innovate our methodology and academic systems with up-date methods. Our International courses meet all criteria of job needs. We have courses available for both individuals and organizations with competitive cost. For further information, please visit our website or contact us directly by: (+84)24 6656 9157.