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EAS Vietnam International University Outreach (IUO) is a member unit of EAS Vietnam. IUO conducts training 15 majors for both "Regional Governence" and "Global Governence" in English or Vietnamese. IUO is a multi-disciplinary program based on EAS International Higher Human Resource Management G23.0 Global Standard with integration training format and Realtime technology which reduce pressure on cost and time..

Training period for a specific major lasts 12 months (Vietnamese) and 18 months (English). Additionally, International University Outreach first breaks the traditional enrollment criteria when giving unconventional enrollment solutions and trainings. IUO's quality management process is equivalent to International Universities'. It can be seen as a "study abroad in-country" program; however, the cost and time are only 30% of those of conventional training, let alone other international programs. IUO has given Vietnamese citizens a place to study, change and become a global citizen right in Vietnam as well as scholarship support up to 90%.

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In EAS Vietnam, we always try to design and introduce the best modules and courses. We share all information on website. We change and innovate our methodology and academic systems with up-date methods. Our International courses meet all criteria of job needs. We have courses available for both individuals and organizations with competitive cost. For further information, please visit our website or contact us directly by: (+84)24 6656 9157.